Jul 12

My New Nikon D5100 w/ Birthday Advice


I’m not sure why I’m so late into the game of getting a nice digital SLR camera.  Oh wait, yes I do know why:  they are expensive.

Over the years we have been shooting our children with point and shoot digital cameras. They have served their purpose well.  The pictures are good, and the zoom capabilities are great.  But how annoying is that auto focus?  Sometimes, when Noble was in the throws of cuteness, I would scramble to get the little point and shoot out only to have the moment get whisked away while the camera tried to auto focus.  Did I get the green focus square of approval?  Are we ok to shoot now, camera?  Where’s the green square?! FOCUS ALREADY! So many moments were lost waiting for the indecisive focus machine to make a damn decision.

It was perfect, then, on my birthday last week, that Gayle told me to go to Samy’s Camera and pick out a new camera.  We’d been talking about investing in a good camera, and so my intelligent wife waited for my birthday to give me the ultimate gadget.  That is seriously the quickest way to a man’s heart, by the way.  Give him an electronic gadget or some other piece of technology and he will adore you forever.  iPad’s, iPhones, anything mac, stereo stuff, computers, and cameras.  Do NOT buy him clothes, or any other necessity.  Birthdays are for things that might not be practical or things that you wouldn’t buy otherwise – things that take batteries, or need to be plugged in and you can’t go wrong.  You are so very welcome.

Back to the birthday present.  After much deliberation and insight from friends, I chose to get the Nikon D5100.  It is awesome.  No one paid me to review the camera so there is no need to spend 20 paragraphs yanking on and on about it’s glory.  So let me just say that I love it so far, and I’ll share some of the pictures I’ve taken. My poor children are now the subject of my paparazzi like photo attacks.  Sorry kids, daddy wants to play with his new toy!

Here are some of the photos that I’ve taken so far.  There are millions more to come:

He used to hate water. I think that’s no mas.

This was supposed to be like the picture above, but he had a radical last minute idea that turned out, um, radical. I love how clear the picture is even though he's basically fly-falling.

Devious. And sinister. A little of both in this one.

I know all parents say this about their kid, but they are delusional. I'm not. I'm telling you this kid should win awards for how cute he is.

My favorite pic so far with my D5100.

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