Sep 20

Noble’s First Day of Soccer!


We wouldn’t know, we weren’t there.  And that includes Noble.

It is an understatement to say that we are tired at our house.  It is an even undererstatement to say that my brain is running on fumes.  Not only do I fail at being organized, but I also failed at providing all the correct documents for Noble to become officially registered for soccer. Not registered=no email updates about start date.  The document in question: his birth certificate.   I really don’t know why they would need it, other than for us to prove that he’s the age that he says he is.  But why on earth would I try to cheat him into an “under 5″ soccer league? Would a person really try to scam the AYSO soccer people by putting their 6 year old in with the 4 year old?  Seriously, my son is 4.  Even if he’s 5, I’m sure we’re all gonna be ok.

So that was my bad.  This week I need to get a copy of his birth certificate so that we can get to soccer on Sunday.

Hey wanna know where we were while Noble was missing soccer?  Probably in a place that was more fun for Noble anyway.  If you asked him what he’d rather do on Sunday, go play soccer with a bunch of strangers or roll around and play on a room full of beds, he would have said BEDS BEDS BEDS! And that’s where we were.  Hanging out at Sit-n-Sleep, purchasing A NEW BED!!  Our goal is to figure out how to go from this:

This is me "Alert".

to this:

Me sleeping?! This picture must be a year old.

We DID get our overpriced, but incredibly comfortable bed.  It is broken into two sections, medium hard for my side, and medium soft for Gayle’s side.  Our hope is that because it’s a king size, instead of a queen, and because it is unbelievably comfortable, that we will be able to sleep all night long in the deep reaches of REM, and maybe, just maybe, we won’t hear Alistair screaming his face off. Can you say “horrible parent”?  You can?  Great, you know how to speak, here’s your prize:  a piping hot cup of ‘mind your own business’!

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