Dec 2

Pasadena Wind Storm

Some of you have heard, or have gone through, the Pasadena Wind Storm Catastrophe 2011!  I’m joking about the title, but it’s actually true.  We went on a drive through Pasadena, to go grocery shopping, and we counted 10 trees down just on the way to the store.  And I’m not talking about branches.  I would say pretty much every single house lost tree branches.  Our neighbor lost some brances and our walk to school is now blocked!

No school! Couldn't walk there if we wanted to! What do you mean, "go around?" If the path is blocked...NO SCHOOL!

We got lucky.  There were many people that had their homes crushed.  We only lost some fence pieces.

Now my kids can escape. Not good.

This sucks. But it could have been incredibly worser! (it is too a word.)

Alistair sees the devastation for the first time.

When life blows 80 mph winds at you, rake it up!!

I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow the wind got inside our house, and then, only in one room. Bizarre:

Because usually my two boys keep such an incredibly tidy room!

We are supposed to get hit again tonight, so we are getting prepped.  I tried to buy a generator, but BIG SURPRISE, everybody is sold out.  So we’ve got bottled water, and some saved up fortune cookies that say, “You will be safe!”

This has truly been quite the catastrophe.  If you are interested in seeing the scope of the damage done by this one night of hellacious winds, check out the photo gallery here.



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