Mar 10

Photoshopping Your Angel

Yes, it’s all about the look!  Sometimes our cute little angels do the neatest things and we want to capture them forever.  For instance, in this case, getting all muddy!  But what happens when that precious little muddy angel has a giant snot wad that you missed during the photo op?  Kinda turns that cute picture into an “ewwwwwww” picture. All the hilarity of mud splattered on his face gets lost in the eye catching snot bubble playing peek-a-boo from the nostril.  This is where photoshop comes in handy!  Photoshop can turn the grossest picture of your child into a pure delight, just the way you want your friends and grandparents to view them; not by the coughing, snotty, disgusting, spit when they talk creatures that we know and love.

Take this photo for example (notice the ectoplasm eeking out of it’s cave):

Snot Noble

Yes, it’s subtle.  But when blown up to a neat 5×7 to send to the relatives, it becomes Mt. Snotmore.

Let me show you how to turn the picture above, into the picture below, without the use of black magic!


I am by no means a master, but I do have enough skills to eliminate the quick glance snot bubble.  The tool of choice for this is the clone stamping tool, and the demo on how it’s done can be found below.  This guy puts a nice little spin on his tutorials.  A bitter, spiteful, hilarious spin:

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