Mar 12

Playing God

You want to know what it’s like to play god?  Simple.  When giving your child a bath, and he begs you for 2 more minutes.  Tell him ok. Then after 30 seconds, you tell him the 2 minutes are up.  You have successfully altered time.  You are a god….  or a liar.  One of the two.


I never like to be the bad guy.  But it’s a part I must play sometimes.  That is, until I got the handy dandy KitchenAid Timer!

Now when 5 minutes are up and the fun is over and Noble has to clean his room, or go to bed, or brush his teeth, it’s NOT MY FAULT!  It’s that damn timers fault!  “I WISH 5 minutes was longer too!  But we agreed to 5 minutes, and the timer has spoken.”  A little good cop, bad timer action.

It’s good to have a timer, because if your kids are like mine, then they read time like my  washing machine’s digital “time remaining” read-out.  One minute can mean 2 minutes, it can mean 5 minutes, it can mean infinity.  It NEVER means ONE minute!  One minute to Noble means, “Screw you for putting a time frame on my fun.  You go ahead and try to get me after a minute, and so help me I will bring a hellfire tantrum with me.” It is for this reason that I redirect the rage toward an inanimate object, like the timer.  Stupid timer!  Man I hate that timer, too! (insert devilish smirk)

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