Jan 28

You’ll Regret This When You’re Older


I used to jump off of the couch and land on my knees.  Apparently, I thought this was awesome fun.  My mother warned me that I would regret that when I’m older.  I thought she was ridiculous, because in the moment, it felt so great!

It always seemed so funny seeing my mother cringe when I did it; almost like she was feeling the pain as my knees slammed into the ground.

Cut To: 30 years later.

I’m in the backyard with Noble.  And I catch him blasting his brains with a bike horn.

What are you thinking?!

I can only imagine how fun it is to fire a horn into your own ear drum.  Perhaps, as a child, that would have appealed to me.  But now that I’m a relatively old man (in comparison to a 4 year old), I cringe at the thought of something that loud blaring into my ear.  And so, unaware at the time that I’m a carbon copy of my own parents, I said to him, “Geez, Noble!  Really? You’re gonna regret that when you’re older.”

And so I put down one more thing I need to thank/apologize to my parents for.  That list is getting particularly long these days.

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