Jul 26

Checking For Monsters Is Dangerous Business


Who's the REAL monster?

There I was, at 8:30pm, standing in the doorway of the bathroom.  I had been asked to turn the lights on for Noble, because he is too scared of the darkness in the bathroom hall. Monsters, of course.  So I went.  And as I stood there with Noble behind me waiting for me to illuminate his way, I realized something:  he was using me as a pawn, a buffer, in the event there actually were monsters waiting!  I was the one who had to die!

This is disturbing.  Unless he thinks I have some sort of monster slaying ability, which I don’t, I can’t see any way around the thinking that my son is willing to sacrifice me for something as trivial as going to the bathroom.

It’s ok, I guess.  At least my son looks up to me because he thinks I’m courageous.  That, or he thinks I’m an idiot, easily coaxed into the old “turn on the light for me” trick.

Have you ever put your life on the line for your child?  Maybe stuck your face under your child’s bed to look for monsters?  If a monster was there, you do realize your head would have been chewed off in one gulp! What about the closet? Keep your eyes open parents….your kids aren’t going to protect you, so you gotta take care of yourself!



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