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Science Experiment For A 5 Year Old


Noble has taken an interest in science.  This is great because there are a vast array of science questions that I, myself, need answered.  Questions that would have me put in the category of “total moron” if I were to express my ignorance in public.  For instance, what is density? What fool doesn’t know that? I didn’t. Or what the hell is an amp or an ohm?  Or how do you trap a quantum particle in a box?  You know, questions that anyone using a measly 11% of their brain could tell you.

But I am picking it all up now.  I can use my 5 year old to get the answers I need!  I disguise it as a “science experiment” and little does he know that I’m not just explaining something that his amazingly smart dad already knows, but I’m actually learning it as well! And I’m using the fact that I have a comprehension advantage of about 5 seconds over Noble to play it off as if this science knowledge is something I already knew!  Science THAT!

Here is one of the experiments that we did, that Noble loved.

The Floating Egg:

What you need: a glass, a bunch of salt, and an egg.

What you do:  fill the glass up with water.  Put the egg in the water and watch it sink.

Ooh and aah about how the egg sinks, and then remove it.

Load that glass up with a bunch of salt.  Stir the salt around.  NOW put the egg in the glass.  It FLOATS!

Your child may not be interested in the science when you tell him that “because the egg is denser than the water, it sinks.  But because the salty water is denser than the egg, that’s why it floats!”

Density...or MAGIC!

So if your child doesn’t care about that, then tell him it was magic.  He’ll be amazed at your super powers.

If your kid IS interested in the science, then here’s the handy dandy webster definition of density I used to throw in Noble’s face to make me sound REALLY smart:

Density – the mass of a substance per unit volume.  (And then when my son asks me what THAT means, instead of looking up the words “mass” “substance” “unit” and “volume” and trying to piece together a 5 year old version of it all, I just look at him, smile, and say, “it means it the egg floats in salt water” And then when he says, “But why” I tell him, “Density!”  And then he’ll ask what density is, and we’ll have ourselves a never ending explanation loop that can only be stopped by offering chocolate milk.  So make sure you have that handy.

If you have a cool science experiment that you do with your kids, share it in the comments section, and Noble and I will do it!  We loves us some science!


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