May 23

The Secret Spice For Winning Kale Chips


I have been on a bit of a quest.  The mission: get my kids to eat vegetables.  So far, this mission has been a colossal failure.  I have been having particular trouble with kale chips.  I really wanted my kids to like them.  They are so dang easy to make, which is music to the ears of any parent who is faced with after school snack prep.  And so I’ve given it a go a few times.  The result has always been this.

So how does one get their kids to eat crispy kale chips?  How do you season them so that your kids will actually put the chip in their mouth?  Is it Chinese Five Spice? No!  Is it Ground Ginger?  DISGUSTING!  What about Cream of Tartar?  Sorry, I’m saving that for my homemade playdough. If you are like me, and you are inept with a spice rack, then you need to reach for the one spice that will never let you down:

Chocolate Syrup Spice!

That’s right!  Chocolate Syrup is the spice of life!  And when it comes to getting children to eat vegetables, there’s one way to do it that is pretty much a guarantee.  Drizzle the Shizzle with Chocolate Syrizzle!

Just take a look.  Before chocolate syrup:

Alistair doesn't trust it. He's been down this road before.

He wouldn’t even touch them.  But look!  What’s happening here?  Is that chocolate syrup?!

Why yes, I would LOVE to try a kale chip!

And the results are in:

He loves it! Or...he grins and bears it because it has chocolate on it!! WOO-HOO!

Chocolate makes everything taste…bearable!

And if chocolate doesn’t work, then you might want to stop on over to The Family Sponge for ideas and recipes on sneaking in the veggies.  I just discovered that website, and can’t get enough of it!

In keeping with the idea of kale chips…how do YOU season them so the kids will eat them? Leave it in the comments below.  I still have an entire bag of kale that I can cook up.  I am determined to get my kids to eat this supremely healthy green crap.


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