May 15

Sentimental Sunday


Alright alright so I’m gonna get a little sentimental today.  Just back off about it.  It’s Sunday.  It’s a good day for talking about feelings and love and goodness and wholeness and life.

I spend a good deal of time talking smack about Noble and Alistair (all in good comedic fun). But they always manage to filleth my cuppeth with loveth.  And I will tell you what happened on Saturday.

It’s about 10am.  Alistair just went down for an early nap.  Gayle was taking off to do some girly girl shopping.  It was Noble and me.  We’d been up really early and I wanted a nap.  So I told Noble that he had a couple choices.  He could nap, or he could do something independently.  Let’s now jump ahead 10 minutes because this is a sentimental post and I don’t want to tarnish it with the 10 minute battle (which I won) over whether a choice could be TV.  He chose independent play.

I fell asleep on the couch.  After an HOUR (AWESOME NAP!) Noble wakes me up.  I look up and he’s pointing at a piece of paper next to my head.  Apparently when I was asleep, he planted a letter by my head:

As translated by Noble: "Dear Daddy I left something behind for you. I left a lot of stuff behind for you. Do you think you can find it? Noble love daddy"

Can I first just say how proud I am that he attempts to write?!  He just turned 5 years old and he’s sounding out words and trying to put those sounds on paper.  I cannot love this more! Who cares if I need the pages translated because they are grammatical nightmares?!  So proud.

My mission was then to find the drawings he did for me.   The fact that my son did drawings, for me, I mean COME ON! – so much happiness!  Besides a hug or some kind of affection from him (not as easy to get for a dad….at least in my case), I don’t know what tops getting a piece of my child’s creativity that was 100% made by him, and done with the intent to give it to me.  I marvel every day at how he’s maturing and as I see his care for others, his empathy toward his brother, and his love for his family grow, I can’t help but get sentimental about it.  So there! That’s my mushy father love rainbow smile for the week.  Hope you enjoyed it,  because tomorrow we go back to our regularly scheduled postings about what these kids are doing to drive me crazy!  JOKING….but the post will probably be something to that effect.

Here are some of the other pictures that I had to find throughout the house (captions are the pictures as explained to me by Noble).

Dad sooo high up in the tree getting ready to jump.

Superman, Cyclops, and the dragon shooting, blasting, and fire flaming the bad plane

A robot

It says, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is playing outside."

Dad and Noble camping under a rainbow.


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