Oct 18

Welcome To The New Site Giveaway

Well it’s finally here!  I hope you are checking the site out and enjoying the new features.  I’ll give you a quick tour and then we’ll get to a neat giveaway!  So here’s the skinny:

  • Up top you’ll see the tab for Going Green.  This is Gayle’s (my wife) contribution to the blog.  She’ll be offering tips and tricks for people interested in making greener choices in their lives.
  • Over there on the sidebar you’ll see a featured video.  That’s where I will put a video diary, or videos that I find on the web that I want to share with you. Go see!  There’s one over there right now!
  • The comment section is new.  Hopefully it will foster a more community feel, as I love to hear comments and make comments and would encourage everybody to leave comments, ask questions, and engage other commenters in conversations. Let’s get this party started, as those kids say.  I don’t know exactly what kids say that, but I’m guessing that some kids probably would say that kind of thing.
  • The site is bluer than it used to be.  I like the color blue.  It brings out the brown in my eyes.
  • At the end of each post is the option to share it with your social network. If there’s one thing that I keep reminding my kids to do, it’s to share.  Who knows, maybe I’m just running my mouth by asking you to share.  It DOES mean you care, though.  And when I think of you, I think of a caring individual.  Don’t go proving me wrong now!
  • Guest posts!  Yes, besides Gayle’s “Going Green” posts, I will be publishing guest posts from time to time.  I have some funny friends with some funny takes on the funny things in this funny parenting world.  And I will be begging them to share their thoughts here.

And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for: FREE STUFF!

Many posts ago, I showed you Gayle’s contribution during Lego Time. A lego table! And the legs weren’t even identical! So recently she’s been working on her skills, and she presented Noble and me with the following lego creation.  Unfortunately, while her craftsmanship had drastically improved, we still couldn’t figure out exactly what it was.  So this is where the giveaway comes in.  If you can guess what this lego creation is, then you can consider yourself ENTERED into the contest.  Only one guess per person, please!  Now Gayle seems to think this is completely obvious, so there really shouldn’t be a problem with every single one of you getting it right….right?  On Friday of this week, I will gather all the correct guesses and randomly select a winner using one of those internet number generator deals.

What am I?

What do you win?  The prize is an Eco-cup, Single-Wall Porcelain Mug (that’s fancy talk for a typical Starbucks cup made out of porcelain so you can REUSE IT) Good luck!  I hope you guess correctly!  Thanks so much for coming over to the site to hang out with me! The guessing will be closed out tonight at Midnight!  Winner announced Friday morning at 10:30am!

Drinking coffee and saving the world....good times.

I would also like to give a HUGE thank you to Tim and Kyle at Argyll Studios for taking some simple ideas we had for changing the website and giving us so much more than we thought was possible.  This has been a fun experience, and if any of you are in need of a team of experts to turn your site into a piece of art, these guys are the way to go!

Alrighty, let the guessing begin!

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