Apr 25

Moving On To Tennis


He is getting ready to hit. He kept trying to hit the ball over the fence. That kid has a swing on him!

Sports are a necessity for growing boys.  It’s either that, or allow all that energy to store up inside of them until they unleash it on your house; in the form of throwing things across the room, jumping on the couch until the springy support buckles and the cushions lose all cushion, or rough housing with each other until something a la America’s Funniest Home Videos happens.

We tried putting Noble in soccer.  He had a failed enthusiasm for it, which manifested on the field as what some of us in the parenting world refer to as “lazy ass”ing.  It didn’t help that we were in 100 degree weather most of the time.  But the bottom line was that he didn’t care for it.  We finished out the 8 week program, and moved on.

I’m finding, and I don’t know why I didn’t recognize this earlier, but Noble really likes to smack balls with bat-like weapons.  So many times these balls have been of the “inappropriate to hit” variety. Namely those belonging to people.  Namely me.  Namely mine.  He hits hard, and I could see by the joy in his eyes at tennis class that it’s something he likes.  I THOUGHT he would have liked kicking balls.  Nope, smacking them with a racket seems more up his alley.

And after his first day of tennis, it seems like a match made in heaven.  He enjoyed the instructor, that helps.  The class was small, less intimidating.  And the goal was to take turns smashing a tennis ball with a racket!  He didn’t have to chase a ball down, only to have a faster child get to it first, as in soccer.  And Noble is so much more passive, he would always let the other person get the soccer ball.  He probably thought, “well they want it more than me, so they can have it”.  It’s funny how you teach your children to be kind, share, let other people have a turn, and then you put them on a field with a bunch of other kids and you encourage the opposite, “GET IT GET IT GET IT! BEAT HIM!  DON’T LET HIM GET IT! KEEP IT AWAY FROM THEM!” Could you imagine screaming that at your child while they were on a play structure with another kid….playing with a toy.  That would be the world’s WORST sidebar parenting. I wouldn’t mind watching that, though…seems really funny.

He LOVED that ball tube. (Is that what it's called? Ball Tube? There has to be a better name for it.)

But back to my son and his affinity for smashing balls.  So tennis is a go.  He even enjoyed the clean up process, which took me by total surprise.  My son?  Likes cleaning up?  Somebody get me one of those tubes for toys, laundry, and all the other crap that gets left around this house! Cleaning at our house always consists of a cliche shoulder dropping and  the “I don’t waaaaannnnnnnaaaaa!” whining.  Just once I’d love to hear Noble say, “YAY! Clean up time!  Dad, dad, watch how fun this is!” Hmmm, actually I take that back….I think if I heard him say that then my brain would explode from confusion.  I don’t want my brain to explode.

I’m just glad he likes tennis.  When your kid doesn’t like something, but you gotta finish it out because you made the commitment, then that becomes a long arduous lesson.  I like the tennis way better.

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