Jul 5

Sometimes the Right Thing Isn’t the Right Thing

There are times when doing the right thing just doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.  For instance, when somebody falls asleep on the couch, the right thing to do is to lay them down, or take them to bed;  not engage in a hilarious photo shoot.
I will disclaimer this by saying that none of this was my idea.  I just didn’t stop it.  Can you tell who the real sleeper is in the picture?  And who the faker is?
It was Noble!  And all he wanted to do was mess with his sleeping brother.  How could I say “no” to that?  Ok, sure, I could have just said the word “no.”  You’ve got me on that one.  Pretty easy word to say.  And I say it alot.  So no excuse there.  How about I plead “cute picture op” and you just enjoy Noble’s creative mind at work.
Here’s Noble’s idea of fun with a sleeping baby. He wanted to pretend he was sleeping also:
And that was the one that woke him up.  Normally I’m a really good dad!  I swear I am.  But how often do you get to see your 5 year old play with a sleeping 22 month old?  It’s one of those once in a lifetimey deals, right?  Who’s with me?  Anybody?  The room is really quiet right now…..cute pictures though, right?  Kinda worth the nap kill….I didn’t suggest any of those poses, so you can’t fault me for that.  I just let it go.  Let’s just call it, “allowing my child to express his independence in a creative way.”
Sometimes you just gotta let the kids do their thing.  Noble’s thing is really hilarious.
These kids are only going to be young and disrespectful and silly once.  That has to be factored in to all parental decisions.  Especially when there are some awesome memories to be had.

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