May 7

Stay At Homer Cartoon – #4


Last cartoon I was dealing with the constant appeal for attention while I’m trying to make a $#@#$ phone call.  This one takes it to the car.  I don’t think there’s a parent alive who hasn’t had to deal with this:

Stay At Homer Cartoon #4

You cannot get into a car without your children demanding to know the time frame to when they will arrive at the destination.  And the kicker is that they don’t even have a clue how to understand time in relationship to the distance left to drive!  For us, this is partly because I have been lying about time for the past few years.  For example,  when a play date is winding down, but the kids still want to play, I’ll say, “15 more minutes!” And they will get all excited and play, until 2 minutes later I say, “5 more minutes and then we are leaving!” All told, my 15 minutes is an actual 4.

But in the car, they don’t really care about the time.  I think they are just waiting for us to say, “We’re here!” And if we don’t say it, then they will ask again, and again, and again!

So how do you guys deal with it?  Do you calmly answer every request and never get frustrated?  Or do you yell to the back of the car, “SHUT UP or I swear to god I will Thelma And Louise this car!”  What’s YOUR strategy?  DISCUSS!

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