Sep 8

Summer Summary


I checked out of the blog world, the blogosphere, blogsylvania, blogtopia, or whatever, however you refer to it. I wasn’t there this summer. The reason is clear…to me: Noble didn’t have school. In and of itself, that doesn’t seem like something that should stop a person from getting his “blog” on. But it did, because with Noble home from school, that meant that I needed to occupy two kids throughout the day. Occupy, you say? How hard could that be?  Well, when you have a mid 30’s body that behaves like a mid 40’s body that is put through daily “fun” with a 4 year old body that acts like a cracked out UFC fighter who thinks he’s Iron Man, and wants to “fight the bad guy” then I say “occupying” is hard as hell!

Normally, I would wake up at 4:30-5:00am, pour some coffee and sit down to my little laptop and muse away about being a dad.  This summer, however, the thought of waking up AT ALL took some Anthony Robbins style self motivation.

Wow, I’m being dramatic.  The bottom line is that I chose to sleep over blogging.

I’m back now.  And here’s what you missed – I present to you: a pictorial of my summer to catch you up to speed.  I will most likely be posting about some of this stuff in detail.  But here’s the skinny:

Summer began with fun at the beach and at home!

Manhattan Beach. One of my favorite places.

The slip and slide is such awesome fun!  The only down side is that I could get it out, spend the time getting the water going, get the dude lotioned up and ready to go, and he has a 50% potential for saying, “I changed my mind, I don’t want to go on the slip and slide.” You notice the brown patch on the lawn?  That’s the other down side to the slip and slide.  At least for a lazy owner who leaves it out for a few days….

I’m pretty sure this picture is from this summer.  If not, I apologize….but just look at him!  He’s eating a mini orange from the neighbors tree.  They are about the size of golf balls and are face raking sour!

Happy Birthday To Me!

I got older over the break.  I turned 35 and Gayle bought me a Kindle 2!  Gayle knows that the quickest way to my heart is with technology.  She nailed it.

We went on a vacation to Spokane, WA, to visit the family.  Noble and Alistair got to hang out with their cousins.  Here’s Noble with (Right to left) – Corbyn, Jada, and Grayson.  Noble and Grayson hit it off big time:

I think it’s because they share a love of FIRE! And Smores!

Me, Colby, Andy, Mom, Dad (The Jones Family)

While on the Spokane trip, we took a journey over to Priest Lake, Idaho, where I spent my summers as a kid.  It’s the most beautiful, nostalgic place –

Oh yeah, and Priest Lake is a great place to catch Dragonfly’s doin’ it!

Awkward! I had no shame.  I barged right into their sweet love making and grabbed some macro photos!

We then came back to my parents house in Spokane and enjoyed the Bambi’s in their backyard! We also did some tractor rides in the driveway!  Good times!

We got back from Spokane on a Saturday and went to the Emmy’s on Sunday.  Gayle was up for an Emmy.  Once again, she was nominated for Top Chef for Best Reality Competition.  This is the category that Amazing Race wins every single year; ever since that emmy category came about.

Walking the red carpet

Well, we got in there, and her category was up, and….

They won!  I grabbed some photos from the audience!  There she is just to the left of Padma.  What an exciting night!  So now we have an Emmy AND an inflated ego in our house!

Sometimes at night I grope Emmy’s boobs….  so I like to fondle statues and take pictures of Dragonfly’s having sex! That’s normal behavior! Moving on!

Also during the summer, Alistair and I booked a Bank of America commercial.  This is an interesting story how it came to be, so I will save that for another post.  But it was really fun getting to be on camera with my little man!  I still have to get the pictures and the copy.

Finally, during this summer break, I saw old friends.  Not friends who are old.  I’m talking about friends who were friends of mine way back when.  Wait, that doesn’t make sense.  They’re still my friends.  They were never NOT my friends.  Ok, let me say it this way:  I saw some friends who I spent more time with when they were local, but who’ve since moved away and we’ve spent much less time together.  This is just too confusing.  Ryan and Emily came for a visit with their kids and stayed at Brett and Deirdre’s place.  Less confusing for me, probably more confusing for you, unless you are those people, in which case – I had so much fun catching up, guys! Hope to see you again soon!

Aaaaaaaand that was what went down while I was away.

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