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Feb 3

Dealing With The Inner Monster: A Book Review

It’s nice when I get contacted and asked if I could review a book.  I like free books.  I do make sure to let them know that if I think it’s garbage, then I won’t write a review about it and will happily mail it back to them so they can ship it off to somebody else.  But not this time.  This time I’m keeping the book!  No, it’s not just because the Dalai Llama likes it, because he does. He endorsed it, and he’s no dummy.  No, it’s because I actually enjoyed it!

But it’s not about me, is it.  It’s a children’s book, so I need to test it out on a child to get an honest review.  The book is from the  “Now I Know…” series written by Sally Devorsine.  The book I was given is called “Now I know..That’s It’s Better To Face My Monsters!!” It’s available at Chocolate Sauce Books. (more…)