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Jun 5

Reconnecting at the KOA

My arms will never tire...well, metaphorically.

I am very much guilty of allowing moments to slip through the cracks.  Because of the exhausting nature of the stay at homer lifestyle, it’s easy for me to bark for compliance when I should be allowing my children to take the 100 years it feels like for them to get stuff done. And with all the energy of my boys, I find myself getting annoyed at the obnoxiousness of it rather than patient with the expressiveness of it.  And the way I’m beginning to see it, is that young boys are like Siberian Husky’s; you have to run them…a lot…or they will act out, howl indoors,  bite your arm and pee on your leg.  Ok, mostly like a Siberian Husky.  And this is why our weekend at the KOA was perfect for the kids. We could catch the moments…and we could run our Huskies! (more…)