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Jul 31

Potty Training For the Crazy Nudey Child


We have successfully potty trained both our boys.  My wife and I are actually so proud of this achievement that we are writing a book about how we did it!  You. Are. Welcome!  (It is my understanding that if you do something twice, it makes you an automatic expert in the field, and thusly should share that knowledge with others.)

There is one area of potty training that I didn’t quite see coming.  I thought it might not occur until my kids were in high school or college.  And that is the joyful outdoor peeing in inappropriate places and inappropriate ways.   (more…)

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Jun 23

Potty Training (NEW Cartoon!)


Somewhere sandwiched into the mix of parental struggles lies the stinkiest challenge of them all: potty training.  Books and books upon books of books have been written on the subject.  There are methods abound.  And let us not forget the strong opinions that match those methods.

Here’s one of the methods that I fortunately didn’t have to resort to: (more…)

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