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Aug 24



I can’t scrapbook.  I’ve tried.  I’ve really tried.  Seriously, I’ve sat at a table with the intent to create a scrapbook and I’ve given it “a go.” It’s my understanding that the stay at home parent is in charge of managing the family photos and arranging them into fun, memorable, scrapbooks.  It’s not enough to just look at a bunch of pictures every now and again….pictures from the picture bin that sits in the “memory stuff box” that we keep in the only available spot in that one closet.  No, we need a SCRAPBOOK!  And with my wife at work, the burden is on me to creatively capture our life history into lovely 12 x 12 pages.  And I suck at it.

But it just so happens that I have the ultimate answer to those of us who suck at the scrapbooking aspect, but want the scrapbooking aspect!  HIRE A SCRAPBOOKER!  (more…)