Jun 16

What Did I Teach My Kid This Time?


I’m on a manly mission to manify Noble!  That’s right!  You heard me right!  I’m gonna make a man out of that kid.  I already taught him how to use fire.  I did that when he was four!  That’s right!  He’s all man, baby! I’m not gonna let him use fire anymore, though, cuz that was a bad idea.  I paid for that idea.  But it sure did feel manly at the time!

I have also given Noble the power of the hammer and nail!  It does not get more manly than that! Until now.  It was time to give my son the ability to use the power of electricity.  Sure, we’ve dabbled with the power drill, but it was time to put a plug in an outlet and let my son loose.

I know you have already printed out the form to have my kids taken away.  But that’s only because you don’t understand how advanced my five year old is.  While I was typing this post (true story), Noble wrote his mother a book…drew the pictures, wrote words to go with the pictures, then stapled it all together and put a title on the front. And he made her tea….got the glass, poured the warm water, got the tea bag, steeped it, and then took it to her.  I did not help.  He has used scissors to cut me out of socks;  a trust exercise/way for me to lay down. He also helps his little brother put on his shoes and socks.  So yes, unfortunately for you and your little form, he is ready for……

Noble with an electric razor

This instills a sense of trust and calmness in me before I let him shave my head.

Shaving his dads head!

You didn’t think I would turn him loose on somebody else, did you?  He did a pretty decent job.  I would say that if he was a professional barber, I would have probably walked out angry, but seeing as how he’s my son, and I still have both my ears, I would say, job well done!

The best part about it, which I WISH I had video of (I might try and get some next time) was that Noble wanted to role play that he was a professional barber. And he adopted a sort of southern, old man accent.

“Welcome, how ya doin sir?!  I’ve bin cuttin har for a hunded yars.”

So he’s conquered the electric razor.  Next up…..Miter saw*!

*no. no to that.  no miter saw.  just an fyi there, in case you actually did have that form out.

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