Mar 24

There Was A Time…

Here I sit on the toilet, thinking:  there was a time when I could use the bathroom in private; when I could close the door, bust out a crossword puzzle, maybe take on a sudoku in the ‘difficult’ section if I’m feeling confident, and enjoy a few minutes of solitude. Those times are gone. Enter Noble.

“Here dad!”
He hands me a Spiderman doll.
“You be Spidey, I’ll be Silver Iron Man!”

And so it goes. A battle to the death….while I crap. Fatherhood. I may have to write a haiku about this feeling.

And here it is (feel free to share a haiku of your own. They are truly magical):

Poopy time sorrow
Throne room invasion occurs
Privacy please, man!

Here is one in limerick form:

There once was a dad from L.A.
Who tried to poopy today
When his son burst in
With a huge ass grin
And said, “Daddy daddy tell me the story about when batman steals iron man’s shoes. Tell me that one!” And then I let out a huge sigh and begin, “Once upon a time, Batman was looking for some shoes….”

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