May 7

Tylenol Recall

Hey remember that pain medication you’ve been using on your kid because you love them and want their fever to go down?  Yeah, that’s been recalled.  This recall business is frustrating.  Just this morning, certain lettuces are on the recall list because of E.Coli. We put all kinds of trust in big companies to keep our safety in mind, and it just seems that time and again we get the rug pulled out from underneath us.  There always seems to be something being recalled. Remember the baby formula that had melamine in it?

Here’s a bit of an article from the Wall Street Journal about the tylenol recall-

FDA officials said the company may have used the contaminated inactive ingredients in manufacturing, but the company’s testing of finished products didn’t turn up contamination.

“The findings are serious, but we cannot say yet whether further action by the FDA is warranted,” Deborah Autor, the FDA’s director of compliance, said in a conference call with reporters.

Some of the liquid products may contain a higher concentration of their active ingredient than they should, while others may contain inappropriate levels of inactive ingredients or tiny metallic particles left as a residue from the manufacturing process, according to the company. The FDA report cited 46 consumer complaints regarding “foreign materials, black or dark specks” that were reported to the company between June 2009 and April 2010.

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If you are new to this information, and have children’s/infant tylenol, motrin and/or benadryl, then you can enter the NDC number on your bottle at their recall site to see if it’s on the recall list.

For now, we are stocked up on the generic brands of children pain/fever medication.  But in the back of my head, I’m pessimistically wondering when the generics are going to be recalled.  Gosh, if only I would have stayed in college and learned how to make my own ibuprofen, then maybe I wouldn’t be so pissed off about this.  Because I’d be in the basement with my beakers burning, brewing my own.

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