Apr 10

We Need A Revolution Here

There was a time when I felt like a manly man; a strong father; a voice of power and authority.  Maybe that was when Noble was a baby.  Now, or more specifically, this morning, I feel like a servant in the castle of Lord Noble’s Kingdom.  Noble’s feet didn’t touch the ground for the first 45 minutes he was awake!

His eyes opened from his slumber and he stated, in a Sean Connery, King Richard tone: “Daddy!  Daddy! Come get me.  I want uppies.  Uppy me right now!”

And there I rush, like a lowly peasant rushing to the aide of the king…fearing the punishment for daring to upset his lordship. And then the list of commands begins:

“I want Cocoa Puffs.  Put me on the couch. Set me down.  No, I want UPPIES! I want a Spiderman show….  Not that spiderman….  The one with Daredevil…I choked on a Cocoa Puff!  Come get me!  Take me to mommy!….Now I can’t have these Cocoa Puffs.  Get me oatmeal!”

And then it hits me….wait a GD minute here!  I’m the dad up in this hizzle!! Why the hell am I running around making sure Noble’s every need want is met.  Time for a revolution!  Alright, I’ll get your oatmeal, and then put on your spiderman show, get  your sippy and then make sure the volume is exactly where you want it.  But that’s it!!  After that I’m gonna sit at my computer and have some coffee.  You wanted milk instead of water?  FINE!  After that, then I’m doing MY thing!  Blanket? Here…….

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