Sep 15

We Saw the Space Station


Space Station viewing attire

I know what you are thinking:  what the hell does a picture of a home burglarizing father and son team have to do with seeing the space station?  Great question!  Allow me to answer.  What you see was required viewing attire, as dictated to me by Noble.  Apparently the masks allowed us to see at night.  Unlike MY EYEBALLS, which had been able to see the night sky just fine, this uncomfortable, small, stinky spiderman mask was the key to illluminating the panoramic view of outer space.

I entertained his demand for about 5 minutes, complaining and negotiating the entire time.  I felt what it must be like for Noble to eat dinner; hating it from the outset and working every angle to get out of it.  I tried, “this mask hurts my face”, “Can I take it off now?”, “I’m GOING to take it off now”, “Hey look, I can see without the mask!” I tried it all.  In the end, I took it off.  Too bad, for Noble, I have supreme authority in the house and can crush any demand instantly!  But I was nice about it.

It was quite amazing to watch the night sky and see the space station float by.  Then, as it disappeared behind the earth’s shadow, we all took a deep awe inspired breath and went inside….and Noble spent the rest of the night rejecting our explanation of how something falls behind the Earth’s shadow.  Hindsight, I should have told him that it just disappeared.  And when he asked where it went to, I should have just started making shit up:  “Dimension X, where the Oyorks live!” I find it much easier to fabricate an explanation than to forage my brain for right answers. I’m realizing I have true potential to make my sons life a confusing mess.  I imagine him in his 20’s, on a first date, explaining to the gal, as they watch one of the 20 space stations float by that, “There goes the Space Station!  If you watch closely, you’ll see it teleport to dimension x to get supplies from the Oyorks!  Magical, isn’t it!” And he’d wonder why she didn’t call him ever again.

I really need to read more books that aren’t sci-fi fantasies.

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