Mar 6

What did you just say?!

OK, so if your kid is like mine, then he/she has said something in public that had you  frantically inquiring, “What did you just say?!” And most likely your face looked like this:

What did you just say

One of the classics at our house is the time I mentioned needing to get coke while we are the grocery store, and then up and down the aisle Noble chanted, “cock!”, over and over again, as if he were declaring something to the world! And I spent the next few aisles instantly repeating with a half laugh so people didn’t think I was a horrible father,  “Coke!  That’s right!  That’s very good, we need COOOOKE!”

The other doozy happened at Ikea.  A year or so ago, when Noble was 2-ish, we were trying to navigate our way through the endless maze known as Ikea. As we reached the warehouse area where a person checks out, Noble decides to say, with excellent pronunciation, “F**k Lips”.

I dawned the face you see above and asked, “What did you just say?”

Matter of factly, “F**k Lips”

“Say that again!” I wanted to be perfectly clear what was happening here because this is OUT OF LEFT FIELD!

“F**k Lips”.

My wheels are turning now.  Who said this to Noble, what is going on?!  What kind of crap is he picking up at school?!  I know I didn’t say it, I can rule out Gayle, so then who?!  And then I look forward, and see Noble pointing and saying, “F**k Lips”.

He was pointing at a damn FORKLIFT!

Such a cute age when they have those little baby speech impediments that just make your heart melt, until you’re in public and the word they are saying comes out filthy!  Good times!  Has this happened to you? I’m interested to hear what other kinds of crazy public humiliations your innocent little child has put you through.

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