Feb 28

What to Say

This is genius:

Being a parent comes with the extremely difficult task of trying to figure out how to talk to your kids so that they change their undesirable behavior.  For instance, Noble used to slam the door when he was upset.  So we began telling him, “it’s ok to be frustrated, but you can’t hurt the house”.  That has ALMOST solved his slamming issues.  Well, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get him to stop talking about poop, tinkle, buttholes, etc around the house. (It was most definitely cute, and hysterical at first.  But as with any shock humor, it wears off quick.)  After a playdate that Noble had today, I NOW KNOW WHAT TO DO!!

Our playdates mom came over to pick up her kid, and the kid said the word poop at one point.  What she said to him was like an enormous flash of enlightenment to me:  “Where do we talk about poop and pee?”  and he said, “the bathroom”.  And she said, “That’s right, we only talk about it in the bathroom.”  GEEEEENIUS!!!

Of course, I’m saying ‘genius’ before I’ve had an opportunity to test run the line.  But I’m massively optimistic!!  MASSIVELY!

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