Sep 29

When Noble Grows Up


You know how sometimes when you look back at accomplished artists, or architects, or surgeons on their childhoods, you recognize certain behaviors that make you say, “You were totally destined to be an actor, you were hamming it up all the time” or “You were destined to become an architect because you were always making fun little buildings as a kid” or “You were destined to be a pathologist, because you were always cutting up dead animals.”  The signs were all there.  And it was only a matter of time before they matured into the accomplished professionals in those fields.

Going off of this knowledge, I’m always keeping a keen eye out for behavior in Noble that will indicate his future.  And so far, based on his daily “doings”, the job he’s destined to become is a drummer in a small time band.

Here we see him enjoying the loud sounds of drumming.  He’s into finding different sounds.  The louder, the better.  That’s SO drummer of him.

He usually plays a one song set, consisting of one of his two songs that he plays right now: “I Can Do Whatever I Want” and “I’m Gonna Throw Up”.  Yes, he sings and drums.  It’s a double threat! Where I think he’ll be destined for the “small” time is that 50% of his enjoyment comes from packing out his own gear. Big timers have roadies.  But Noble likes to do it all himself. He packs up, and heads out the door. He’s “heading home”. He then returns and sets all his equipment up and plays another set.  Most times he will stand on his bed, after his set, and announce that he won’t be making it back the next day because, “I’ll be sick” (soooo small time band….getting drunk, hungover and missing gigs).

And the cherry on top.  Here’s what he looked like when I interviewed him about his band.  This says it all:

I love it, man, it's like, just, um, you know, wow! And stuff.

If you were wondering, yes, I am also in the band.  Our band name is Chiprod and Cort. Noble is Chiprod, and I’m Cort.  He’s on drums, and I play a kiddie xylophone.  I rock the bejingles out of that xylophone, too.  We’d love to play a set for you someday, but not tomorrow, cuz we’ll be sick.

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