This is exciting! You want to know “ABOUT” me. That makes me feel good. OK, well let’s begin:

I’m Russ, the stay at home dad in the family. Gayle is my wife and an amazing mom and a high level executive producer and a great cook and she looks gorgeous and she somehow “fits it all in” without going insane. Sometimes I think that if she stuck her arms out and twirled, she might turn into Wonder Woman. I’ve asked her to try. She’s called me an idiot.

I have two fantastic boys: Noble (6) and Alistair (2). I could tell you all about them, but that’s what you are reading over there in that blog of mine. So just jump on over there and start exploring. Dip into the archives if you’re feeling extra saucy. Yep, I did say saucy. Not sure why. But I did.

This site is dedicated to all of us parents. We need a place to go to share information and ideas and laugh along the way. A place that doesn’t put us in the ring to fight it out between breastfeeding or bottle, co-sleep or cry it out, potty train at age 3 or 3 months, Ready for Tobasco Sauce at birth or wait until never. I think you know what I’m talking about. I’m anti-scientific study, and pro-figure it out as a community.

Gayle has also begun contributing to the site. She is passionate about going green and has started sharing some experiences and tips on easy ways to make greener choices. So please check out her posts if you are interested in the green lifestyle.

If you have questions on parenting or green living, please send us an email, and we may build a post around it! Also, if you are looking for someone to write a guest post on your website, please get in touch! Please send email to: [email protected]

I also enjoy captioning and photoshopping my children and would love to have you participate! Check out some examples that I’ve done below. Here’s a couple captions:

Rough night of drinking too much milk, gambling away his diapers, and getting kicked out of the playgroup for peeing on a couch. The back pain in the morning will be punishment enough.

Water play was great, up until the earthquake hit.

And here are some examples of the Photoshopping ones!


And here’s a Photoshop combined with a caption! I know, crazy, right?!

If you would like to see me photoshop and/or caption your hilariously crazy child, then please send me a photo to [email protected]. Please remember that if you submit a photo, you are releasing the rights of that photo to me, so if there is any issue with that, place it in your email submission! (I’m just basically covering my butt in case you are insane…I don’t think you are insane, but I really am in no position to determine that one way or the other. Your therapist might be the “go to” for that.)

Thanks for stopping by! If we didn’t answer a question you had about us, please don’t hesitate to ask. I love talking to you!

Disclosure Dealy: I love writing about being a parent in a fun, comedic way. I also love sharing ideas, and learning from you. I also will from time to time place, in a post, an affiliate link to something I think you might be interested in. I will only put links that I believe in, that I think are cool, that I am interested in, etc. People may sometimes send me something to review. If I review it, it will be honest, and I won’t recommend it unless it’s worthy. I hope you are cool with this, but if you are not, you are free to email me and tell me, because as I said earlier, i love talking to you! No, not in a stalkery sort of, “jeez this guy won’t shut up he loves talking so much and why is he in a tree in my backyard” kind of way. I am talking about the OTHER kind of way. The good kind of way.