October 30, 2014By Russ


I took a job. What?! How could that be?! How dare I call myself “The Stay At Homer!”

It’s true. I went and got my learning on, and studied up real nice and good-like. And now I call myself a Realtor. My home base is at Century 21 in Pasadena. It’s pretty awesome. I get to shave and put in contacts and wear nice clothes!

To those of you who are surprised by this news, here is a quick Q&A from myself to myself to catch you up on this!

Russ, real estate is a really odd choice of careers for you! What about acting? Your book?

Great question! Real estate is a passion, not unlike acting and writing. Gayle and I, before we started officially dating, used to take walks up Coldwater Canyon and talk about all the homes we passed – what we liked, didn’t like, how we would change things, maybe we’d hop a fence and make out in an empty backyard (JUST KIDDING, making sure you were paying attention), It’s something we’ve always talked about getting in to, but it’s been too difficult to transition…until now. Bigger picture: we only get one shot at this Earth stuff, and I do not like to sit on my butt. I’ve acted a bunch, and it was fun! I’ve written and performed sketch comedy shows with two of the funniest people out there, and it was a peak experience! I’ve written a book about poop and that was enlightening and fun! I’ve spent the last 8 years taking care of the kids and the house during the day, and it was EXHAUSTING!…oh, and fun! And now…Realtor! I will give this a decade, to the point of mastery, and then I will let you know what’s next on the agenda. It will probably have something to do with outer space, beer, or medieval weaponry. I’ll keep you posted!

What about the potty training book?! What is happening with that?

It’s still available. If you want it, it’s on Amazon! I think there’s a link over there on the side somewhere! Look over there! I stand behind it 100000%. Barnes and Noble is interested in it, but because I won’t work with a wholesaler I need to go through a different process with them…so that is currently underway! But it will be available there, too, at some point!

What if I want to ask you more questions?

Email me. Or call me if you have my number! We can talk about real estate, self-publishing, acting, writing, raising insane children, what you are doing with your life, and raising chickens (because that’s also what we are doing….what Gayle is doing…and what I’m doing because that’s what Gayle is doing…)

What are you and your family doing right now?

Here’s a look at where the Jones family is at right now. It’s October, so that means Halloween. But first, we need to get those pumpkins carved. Here is the process of pumpkin carving at our house. It’s pretty interesting…

My totally chill son, just enjoying some relaxing pumpkin carving.
My totally chill son, just enjoying some relaxing pumpkin carving.

Look, I pulled the top off the pumpkin!

Hard to tell his reaction. It’s too subtle.

Look at how much fun we are having! We want you to think we are THE perfect fun family! Aren’t we the perfectest?!

Put. The Spoon. Down.

I COULD have shown you the end result of the pumpkin carving, except for the fact that it was too dark outside to get a decent picture, and by morning some kind of animal pretty much destroyed them. So you’ll just have to trust me when I say they were UNREAL! They were PHENOMENAL! Artistic TREASURES!

For you three readers who read my blog, I’m going to pick it up again and dust off the ol’ bloggy blog cap. To the cauldron of blog posts, I will now add real estatey insights (challenge to make that comedic: accepted!) Perhaps you can help me get that aspect going. What are your biggest concerns, questions, comments about real estate? No question is too dumb, or difficult! Lay it on me! Maybe I’ll become the Dear Abby of Homes, (Jones on Homes?…Dear Realtor Russ?…)..maybe I won’t….who knows?! It’s fun to keep you guessing.

Great talking with you! I hope you are doing well!




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